Haggai 1:1-15

Stop and consider your ways

In his prophecy, Haggai presents God as the source of all power, the controller of all armies on earth and in heaven, the Lord Almighty. And this is what he has to say to his people… The people Haggai is speaking to are not people who refuse to follow God. It is precisely the opposite. These are people who want to follow God. How easy it is for us to get our priorities all off kilter.

Stop, and CONSIDER YOUR WAYS! You are filling your lives up, but with what? Nothing! Peace comes from God not through having a comfortable, safe, and economically successful life. To be sure those things can provide a level of dull comfort, but it is not the peace of a truly abundant life.

Haggai’s point is that the life we are actually looking for flows from rightly ordered lives where God is the primary source of love, meaning, success and purpose. Where we live in step and relationally with him in the Spirit. Once you give your life to Christ and receive his Spirit, obedience becomes the gateway to experiencing the life God wants for you, the life you were made for.