New Life. Cultivating a Healthy Way of Life

You already have a rhythm of life you just may not realise what it is and it probably isn’t intentional. Everything you do is a spiritual discipline because it is forming your spirit. Do you know what your rhythm of life is doing to you? Who are you becoming and is it who you want to be? Developing a rhythm of life is a means to an end. The end is to be with Jesus and become like him more and more and year on year.

New Life. Abiding in Christ

Jesus made it a habit of life to abide with the Father. If Jesus thought it was important, shouldn't we? We need to be people who can stop and rest in Christ. We need times of being with Jesus and not actively doing things for Jesus.

New Life. Forming OUr Minds

What we give our attention to is the person we become. The stories we believe profoundly shape who we are. What are the stories about life that you believe? How does internalising the gospel story form our hearts and minds into people who desire the Kingdom of God?

New Life. Formation thrOUgh the Body

We are not just spirit or mind, but also body. The way to the heart is through the body and so habits and bodily action are vital in forming who we become. What we think and believe must be accompanied by action.

New Life. Formation thrOUgh Relationship

We are relational beings, created by a relational God for relationship. What relationships form our community before God? Who do we walk the way of Jesus alongside? And what are we doing to create, nurture, and deepen relationships of vulnerability and accountability?

New Life. The Power of Rest

In a culture that stresses work as the means to consuming and consuming as the key to happiness, rest does not make sense. Dallas Willard once quipped that work is the new cultural “drug of choice”, therefore rest, including practising sabbath, is a critical discipline in the reformation of our lives. Rest reminds the Christian that they are not defined by their ability to produce or consume, rather they are defined by their identity in Christ––the one who created and sustains all things.


When God created humans, he set them in a Garden to “work it and take care of it” (Genesis 2). Built into our humanity is the call of God to make our world more like Eden. What we do with our resources– time, money, gifting and capacity–matters to God (and to others). At its best, work is an expression of love and justice. At its worst, of ambition and greed. Our work often generates money; how we steward those resources is key to our apprenticeship to Jesus. A life of simplicity and generosity is a core tenant in Jesus’ vision of life in the kingdom. What habits have you built into your work life and financial life to make stewarding your work and money part of your life before God?

New Life. Gospel and Hospitality

Jesus left us with the command to “go into all the world and preach the gospel.” A gospel that he himself brought in both word and deed. Often there is confusion as to what the gospel is. When properly understood, the gospel drives everything we do and makes possible genuine hospitality. Divine hospitality leads to gospel hospitality.